Degrees of Lewdity Mods

An online collection of Degrees of Lewdity mods for play on any device.

Vanilla DOL

The standard Degrees of Lewdity experience.


World Expansion

A mod Created by Noeinan that primarily expands upon the world of Degrees of Lewdity. Includes new skills, locations, NPCs, jobs, transformations, combat skills and other miscellaneous changes.

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Watersports Mod

A WIP Mod by here2fap designed to completely overhaul Watersports (pee) content in the game. Instead of just a small scene or two, the purpose of this mod is to incorporate pee into multiple aspects of the game world.



A mod developed by Gay Racoon to add support for transgender PCs and related content. Currently in the very early stages.


Herm NPCs

A mod by hwp that adds an option to allow NPCs to generate as hermaphrodites. This affects named NPCs (herm robin? you want it, its yours my friend.) and unnamed NPCs.


Degrees of Bizarre Lewdity

Jojo's Bizarre adventure in DOL


Doren Days

Doren Days adds Doren as a love interest along with a ton of other things such as better school events, expanded npcs, apartments, new locations, better jobs, new transformations and more.


Archived Mods

Skullky's Mod

Based on

A small mod developed by Skullky to experiment with adding new features to the game. This mod has been discontinued by Skullky until further notice.


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